Recent eats, and how to make your chiropractic adjustment last longer

Good afternoon! How’s your Tuesday going? Me and my husband started the day off in the chiropractor’s office. Both of us were in (separate) car accidents recently, so we’ve been getting adjustments 2-3 times a week.


I love getting adjusted! Even before my car accident, when I visited the chiropractor my left leg would be 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter than my right leg. Weird! It’s partly due to overcompensation by my left side, such as when I carry a heavy bag on my right shoulder and my whole body leans left (compressing the spine), and by the crazy ways I pick up my feet and sit on them when I’m working at my desk (can cause hip mis-alignment).

I also resolved an issue last year where I had strange rushing water sounds in my ear, not just when I bent over, but all day long, by regular chiropractic visits. That time, it was sinus fluid trapped in a cavity that it wasn’t supposed to be in!

Here are the tips my chiro gave me to make an adjustment last longer:

Maintain good posture

Seems like a no-brainer, but this is one of the things we all know we should do, but don’t do it. Just do it! Two feet on the floor, shoulders down and relaxed in the back.

Sleep on your back, or on one side

The important thing here is not to sleep on your stomach! This can really mess up your alignment quickly.

Stretch at least once a day

Stretching keeps our joints flexible and strong, and keeps them from falling back into a habit of mis-alignment.

Strength train 2-3x/week

Yay! I love strength training so this was great to hear. Strength training strengthens (duh) the muscles around our joints, and holds the joints in place for proper alignment.

Now, on to the food! This morning after the chiro, I made a grassy, ginger-y green juice.


I juice primarily for digestive health, and to easily get a lot of enzymes and nutrients in…sometimes I don’t have time to eat a salad (I chew slowly, lol).

Lately I’ve also been enjoying a twist on an classic flavor combo. See the pattern?



Mmm! PB & J never gets old. I had it on pancakes, oatmeal, and homemade strawberry waffles (not pictured) last week. We have sooo many kinds of jelly/jam/preserves right now, it’s fun to change it up and have different flavors. One of our wedding guests actually gave us two kinds, from Murphy Orchards up in New York: Elderberry White Wine Jam and Red Currant Jelly. Awesome gift!



These pics are from a local, organic you-pick-em strawberry farm! Me and my husband picked 14 lb. of organic strawberries for only $1.50/lb. Local is the way to go! The berries are SO fresh and delicious.


We washed, cut, and froze most of the strawberries (after giving away a few pounds to friends and family!) to use in smoothies later. This saved us a ton of money that we’d normally spend on frozen organic strawberries, and we got to suntan in the process of picking the berries 😉 Ah, Florida. Your sun makes me happy 🙂

Now I’m looking for recipes to use up the remaining strawberries. I’m thinking homemade ice cream, and this cake by Joy The Baker. The cardamom in her recipe is one of my favorite spices. So earthy and warming, and the flavor makes me want to travel to India. Speaking of India, one of my favorite bands, Aradhna, is an American-Indian group who make beautiful music. Check out one of their songs on YouTube. Nothing like drinking chai tea in the morning while listening to one of their albums 🙂

Now to continue writing that lab report…talk to you later!

❤ Gina

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