A Walk In the Park + Organizing Files

Hi! How’s your Thursday going? I love Thursdays–they feel like the start of the weekend for me, because once inorganic chemistry lab is over around 10:30am, I’m done with classes for the week!

Yesterday I took my stir-crazy dog for a walk through a neighborhood behind the one we live in.  Ours is pretty small, and the townhouses all look the same, so I’m all about exploring other parts of the neighborhood for a more visually interesting walk.

About 20 minutes from home, this is what we found:

photo 1

…at the end of the road was a private park hidden deep within the neighborhood! Complete with playground, basketball court, volleyball court, open field, benches, and dock overlooking a lake.

photo 3

photo 2

(pics were taken from my iPhone, while on my armband that I wear when walking/running, hence the crooked-ness, lol)

We explored the park for a while, but since there was no water (and no bathrooms 😦 ) me and Rita headed home. By that time, we’d been out for 45 minutes, and in the hot Florida sun, that = instant tan! Pretty much the first time my skin’s seen the sunlight since before winter 😉 I’ll definitely be taking walks more often now that I’ve discovered a fun route.


The most recent part of my newlywed home improvement list was to set up a file box and organize the massive piles of paper that were collecting on every flat surface in the house!

photo 4 (1)

This was a small, small portion of the problem (well, my husband didn’t seem to think it was a problem…lol). Our solution was a box we picked up for a few dollars at IKEA, and file folders from Wal-mart.

photo 3 (1)

And voila! A super cheap, very efficient method for us to keep everything in order.

Up next on our list: creating a Spend Plan (and applying it!). I’ve been reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, and after a talk on finances with our pre-marital/marriage counselors (we counseled before the wedding and continued after–an invaluable part of prep and maintenance of a healthy marriage, IMHO, but we’ll talk about that another time), we really saw the need to tell our money where to go at the beginning of the month (instead of tracking where it went at the end of the month like we used to do).

Number one priority: paying ourselves at the start of the month. I’m talking about SAVINGS! I’m one of those people who really gets a thrill out of saving money (mostly watching the dollar amount grow every month!), and one of our goals is to purchase a house without a life-long mortgage attached, so now’s the time to get ready for that.

After we’ve ironed out the Spend Plan, maybe I’ll post some tips and ideas to get your own Spend Plan started.

On to dinner! We’re making Mac-N-Cheese tonight–yummy!

TTYL, ❤ Gina


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