An Eclectic Week


Why, hello there! Guess who’s in the driver’s seat?

This picture was actually pretty true to life this week. I was taking care of this little sweetie all week, from potty trips (5/day?!) to baths to dressing the ugly infection on her paw 😦 (thankfully it’s getting better, keeping it wrapped has helped immensely since it prevents her from licking it). I’m happy to take care of her, but man is it exhausting!


So let’s start a the beginning of the week (more like the end of last week).


The plan was to spend most of the day at an air show at MacDill Air Force Base. My husband’s parents came over from Lakeland (1 hr drive), then we drove into south Tampa together…only to be stuck in traffic miles away from the event! It was clear we weren’t going to make it in, so we decided to go on an adventure…that led us to 3 grocery stores and an awesome sandwich shop!


We ate at Wright’s Gourmet Sandwich House, a local place that always has a huge line, but was so worth it! I’d never been there before, but my husband had had a sandwich of theirs once and raved about it!

I got a pressed Cuban and it was very flavorful, and it was so huge! I had to save some for later.



They had Gasparilla Cookbooks for sale:


And a periodic table of DESSERTS on the wall right when you walk in the door:


We also visited the brand-new Trader Joe’s (!!!)


(an excited shot out the car window as we approached)

And we stopped at the Greenwise Publix, and Whole Foods. My parents-in-law don’t have any of these stores in Lakeland, so they were happy to hop grocery stores with us and pick up some goodies.

Trader Joe’s was packed (Day 2 since it opened).




Hump Day was the next big thing in my week. I spent twelve hours at my desk working on three inorganic chemistry lab assignments. Uggggh. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I was in marathon mode though, motivated and strategic, and made it through unscathed!



Late last night I finished Illusion, one of the first “for fun” books I’ve read in a while! It was glorious to get lost in a book again. It awakened all sorts of desires to become a writer that had lain dormant since…NaNoWriMo 2010? Sounds about right. Well, the fire’s burning again! Keep your eyes open for short story fiction coming soon on the blog, as I warm-up for Story A Day May!


(one of many wonderful breakfasts this week)

On tonight’s agenda: another trip to Trader Joe’s and the debut (in this house anyway!) of Saving Mr. Banks! Can’t wait to see it.

Focus on the good

Until next time!

❤ Gina








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