Lemon Foot Rubs

I’m 20 weeks pregnant (woohoo! Halfway there! Baby is 10 in. long and as big as a Belgian Endive! Thanks Ovia Pregnancy app 😉 ) and I’ve been blessed to have very minor discomfort, and my morning sickness pretty much left once the first trimester was over. Since the fatigue and food aversions from the first trimester are gone, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I credit a plant-high diet and high-quality supplements for that!

A few days ago, however, I noticed my legs were puffy, heavy, and just plain uncomfortable. I thought, am I really gaining so much weight it’s going to my lower thighs and calves?! Those are the last places my body normally adds weight. But that was a ridiculous thought, because I’ve only gained 14 lb. so far and am by no means overweight. My feet were also in a lot of pain, but I couldn’t figure out why. Thursday night, I asked my husband to rub my feet, and to put Lemon essential oil on them. I woke up 2 times during the night to use the restroom, and I peed again in the morning when I got up. When I woke up, I was amazed–my legs looked and felt dramatically better. In fact, they looked a lot more like they did before I got pregnant! I thought it was too early for me to experience swelling from water retention, but I guess not. I’ll be having my feet rubbed with Lemon oil every night from now until baby is born 😉
Since I realized my problem was water retention, I also upped my protein and water intake. I hadn’t been intentionally eating more or less protein, but it couldn’t hurt to add more, since that helps immensely with fluid balance in the body. You can get your own pure, therapeutic grade Lemon oil online, email to ask me how to get 25% off your purchases for a year! Lemon is also good for gently cleansing the body, stopping runny noses, aiding creative thinking and focus, and uplifting your mood. I love lemon!


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