Cardamom Cacao Smoothie

Good morning friends! Happy Wednesday! And happy last-day-of-college to me 🙂

Smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrients and eat something filling while on the go.

Garrett and I accidentally bought 2 bottles of cardamom when they were on sale (don’t ask me how that happened…), and since then we’ve been trying to use them up however we can!


Last night’s “cardamom special” was a creamy chocolate smoothie. Garrett was out with a friend so I was home alone and I got to indulge in my nightly smoothie craving for once! Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve always wanted smoothies for dinner. I have yet to figure that one out!


I used this awesome Vega chocolate protein powder that includes 15 g plant protein and 2 servings of veggies! It’s rich and delicious. If you don’t have this, any chocolate protein powder will do, or raw cacao powder works as well. A couple ice cubes might be a good addition, depending on your protein powder. Mine (without ice cubes) was very thick!

Cardamom Smoothie

Blend everything together in the Vitamix. (Side note: I’ve had 4 blenders in the past 10 years, and all of them except the Vitamix leave chunks of sticky Medjool dates in smoothies. I love this blender!)

Add some cacao nibs for a crunchy, chocolaty garnish and enjoy!



Did you know cardamom can aid digestion, and lower blood pressure and inflammation? Pretty nice spice!

Hope you enjoy the smoothie!

❤ Gina

3 thoughts on “Cardamom Cacao Smoothie

    1. It’s one of the spices in chai tea, it’s a very unique flavor. It goes well with cinnamon, and I see a lot of recipes with baked pears and cardamom…it’s related to ginger, so it has a (tiny) bit of a kick.

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