The Perfect Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Wrap

Good morning! I can’t believe it’s already May 1st! It’s been feeling like summer here in Central F-L-A for a few weeks now, so the whole “spring celebration” thing is kind of over for us. Ha!

Today I want to share a super simple breakfast recipe full of protein and flavor! I almost feel silly sharing an egg wrap recipe, because I mean, how hard is it to scramble eggs and wrap them in a tortilla?? But there’s a subtle trick to kick up the flavor that I really wanted to share, because I had no clue it existed for the longest time.

Here we go!

Get a piece of bacon cooking, then shred some cheddar onto a tortilla.


Scramble 2 eggs with a dash of salt and pepper (yolks have great nutrients in them! Use the whole food–I used to remove yolks to cut calories, but it wasn’t worth it. And new research is showing inflammation, not cholesterol, may be the cause of plaque buildup in arteries. Do some reading on that if it’s of interest to you.). I scrambled mine in a little coconut oil.

Add the eggs and bacon to the tortilla, keeping the egg pan hot because you’re going to move the tortilla there next.


I probably should have chopped the bacon into bite-sized pieces to make eating it easier. You should do that 😉

Roll the tortilla up and butter both sides lightly. Now, the flavor craziness begins! Sprinkle a bit of garlic powder all over the wrapped tortilla. You can add oregano, cayenne, onion powder, whatever you want! This takes a breakfast wrap from “tasty” to “FLAVORTOWN!” <– We watch a little too much Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in this house 😉


Place it seam side down in the hot pan and brown both sides, watching so the spices don’t burn. You want them a nice crispy brown.

And voila! There you have the perfect breakfast wrap!


Let me know if you try it!

❤ Gina


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One thought on “The Perfect Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Wrap

  1. You know, I make egg wraps ALL the time (I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of them!) and I have many variations, but I’ve never even thought about flavoring it and heating the whole thing so it gets cooked like your last step. What a great idea, I’ll be sure to try it sometime!

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