EO Spotlight: Lime

Happy Friday! The weather is gorgeous today, and I can feel the weekend right around the corner 😀

Today I want to talk about Lime essential oil. When I got my blood work back at the birthing center last week, I found out I was low on iron. I immediately suspected I may have a problem absorbing iron, because we eat iron-rich foods often at home. (The other factor could be that I eat a lot of calcium-rich foods, which inhibit iron absorption when eaten at the same time).

This little guy can aid absorption of iron, so I’ve been taking a few drops a day in my water and in capsules, in addition to taking an iron supplement. We’ll see how much it helps when I get blood work done again (due in a few weeks).

We use Lime at home for congestion too, together with a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and other essential oils called Respiratory Blend. Just rub a drop or two on the chest and it opens you right up! It’s safe for babies too (dilute with 1-2 T. fractionated coconut oil), so I’ll be using it on Little Miss when she gets the sniffles.

Lime also tastes great in salsa, iced tea, and pretty much any hispanic foods (enchiladas…yum!). Check out it’s stats:



Wellness Uses

Calm & Stress Relief
Disinfect Living Areas
Skin Care

Read more here and here.

Catch ya later! ❤ Gina

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