Meals + workouts for the week

So, it’s a little non-traditional to do a post like this in the middle of the week, but NBD 😉

Can’t believe the 3rd Trimester is here! Suddenly I feel as if there is SO MUCH to do to get ready for baby Judi’s arrival…need to get working on that to-do list!

I was snapping a pic of bfast and noticed how hard it was to keep my belly out of the pic! So I just let it be 😉

This week I’m getting ready for the pregnancy glucose tolerance test–thankfully the birthing center I’m with has an alternative to the yucky sugar drink that most places use. I was so glad to hear there’s a different option, since I didn’t want to expose myself and baby to all the questionable ingredients (not to mention the sugar rush…weakens the body & immune system BIG TIME) in the drink. All I have to do is get blood drawn next Tuesday, and prep by avoiding simple carbs and sugar for the week before while amping up my complex carb intake. Easy peasy! Here’s the plan (from now until Tuesday):

Meal planning


Smoothies with fruit, almond milk, kale & flaxseed

Grain-free muffins (yes there is some sugar here, but not much)

Muffins sweetened only with bananas & Medjool dates

Paleo Pancakes (add mixed berries)

Snacks/Lunch ingredients

Hard boiled eggs (prepped a bunch on Tues) with pieces of cheese

doTERRA Trim Shake (helps balance blood sugar!)


Peaches (finally the organic ones are available!)

Eggplant Fries w/Creamy Yogurt Dressing (this looks SO good)

Sandwiches on GF bread (Whole Foods brand is good, especially toasted)


Chicken, quinoa, and sweet potatoes (cooked a bunch of quinoa Tues to save time later)

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole (so excited to try this!)

Ground Beef Tacos



I’ve been given the all-clear to continue working out through pregnancy, because my body has been used to a high intensity weight training & cardio program for the past couple of years. Of course I’m not exercising at the same level as before, but I still get to enjoy a lot of the workouts I have in the past. If I’m tired one day, I skip the workout. NBD. But working out is one of the things I do that minimizes my discomfort from pregnancy, lifts my mood, boosts my energy, and helps me sleep better at night. I’ve noticed when I consistently exercise, my legs hurt SO much LESS by the end of the day. Working out also enhances blood and oxygen circulation to the baby, so it’s very healthy for her too. Other moms-to-be, check with your doctor or midwife before working out, and keep them well informed on how you feel during and post-exercise!

Sun – walked 5 miles at a theme park

Mon – OFF (no energy left from Sunday! haha!)

Tues – Spin class and legs/back/chest

Wed – OFF

Thurs – 50 min walk with Rita, maybe yoga at home later

Fri – Shoulders/biceps/triceps

Sat – Most likely OFF, since I have a busy day


How is your week going? If you made them at the beginning of the week, are you sticking to your meal plans and exercise goals?

ttyl, ❤ Gina

2 thoughts on “Meals + workouts for the week

  1. Hi Gina!

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! The “breakfast photo” is so cute! Our family will also be trying the recipe for Broccoli Quinoa Casserole this week…It looks so yummy!

    Love and prayers for your home stretch! 🙂

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