What I’m Loving Lately

Good morning! I love a good “What I’m Loving Lately Post”–trying out new books, recipes, products, etc. that other bloggers recommend or just finding out what they like is fun. So here’s what I’m enjoying right now:

1. Florida rain

IMG_5335I’m a little weird in that I really like those random torrential downpours that characterize summer afternoons in Florida. They’re beautiful to me! I love sitting in the backyard on a blanket, reading a good book and watching the storm roll in. Getting caught in a storm while I’m out walking is an extra treat 😉

2. Slow cookingDSC_0015Every Tuesday night Garrett & I go to a birth class–the course covers a ton of material in 5 weeks, so being late isn’t an option. It is SO nice to have a slow cooked meal all ready to go when it’s time for dinner, so we can head right out the door to class after eating.

3. Coconut water with lime and mint leaves


This is such a refreshing drink in the middle of a hot day! Sometimes because of the Florida afternoon heat, the walk from the car to the house seems especially draining. I’ll pour a glass of coconut water over a few mint leaves from garden and add a drop of lime essential oil after running errands and instantly feel better (coco water is very hydrating, and has a lot of electrolytes–it’s one of the recommended drinks to bring to the birthing center when I go into labor to keep my energy up).

4. No-TV Wednesdays!

IMG_5442For the last two weeks we haven’t turned on the TV on Wednesdays to promote healthy communication and because it’s FUN! We usually end up playing something like this–and have a blast 🙂 That game is to be continued tonight (have you ever finished a game of Monopoly in one sitting? Me neither.).

5. This cookbook



Tosca Reno has a lot of low sugar, healthy recipes (I especially like the breakfast/brunch ones), and it’s great to get some new motivation on the clean-eating front. One of my friends loaned me a couple of her cookbooks and I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes.

6. GF Wild Orange Coconut Granola


Amazingly delicious! I tweaked this recipe by adding unsweetened coconut and a few drops of Wild Orange essential oil, and I only used almonds for the nuts. YUM.


Have a great Wednesday! ❤ Gina

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