Baby Judith Evelyn


Judith Evelyn is here! She was born August 12 at 4:40pm after 18 hours of labor, weighing 8lb. 12oz. This photo was taken right after she was born, the first seconds of her life! She was born in the birth tub, and I picked her up and held her against my chest immediately.


Judith and I have spent the last week in bed recovering and getting to know each other. It’s been the best week of my life 🙂


She is such a sweet baby! Garrett and I are so blessed to have had a relatively “easy” first week as new parents. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of a newborn is extremely hard and time consuming, and it’s a little scary to think life will never go back to the way it was before, I’m not going to lie. I’m just saying for us, the only times she’s been unconsolable are the day my hormones were out of whack as I adjusted to not being pregnant (sorry girl, that was rough for both of us! Not to mention daddy… 😉 ), and the two times I’ve run out of milk to feed her ravenous appetite. I’ve started using Fennel essential oil, Mothers’ Milk tea and upped my food and water intake to help increase my milk supply, and it’s really helped.

IMG_1428.JPGI was surprised at how many different faces she makes! And they’re all equally adorable 🙂 I never get tired of watching her during her more alert times as she runs through faces of all the emotions you could imagine in a matter of minutes!!

IMG_1565.JPGBaby snuggles after feeding are the best! I know this time will go by so quickly and before I know it she’ll be all grown up, so I’m soaking up every second I can. The last couple of days Judith and I have had a little routine going in the mornings, since after Garrett gets up for work she’s been eating, then napping for an hour or so, first thing in the morning. I use that time to get dressed, clean up the bedroom (all my stuff is up there, since I’ve been literally living in the bedroom for the first week post-delivery to keep myself from doing too many chores around the house and aid the healing process), check email, and read a bit if I can. It’s my favorite part of the day, other than when Garrett gets off work and we spend time with him. Obviously at this point breastfeeding is baby-directed on demand, so to see any resemblance of a schedule forming makes me want to shout for joy!!

IMG_1486.JPGJudith loves being swaddled. She calms down before bed as soon as we put one of these on. This is a SwaddleMe Stage 2 by Summer Infant, and it’s been the easiest to use, most snug swaddle we’ve tried. All 3 of us love using it (especially me, since I could never get the blanket-style swaddles to stay tight enough. Garrett was much better at that, but then again he’s better at the SwaddleMe too. I guess I’m not much of a swaddle-er, LOL). Judith also loves squirming her right arm out of the swaddle at night and sleeping one arm in, one arm out. I’ll have to get a picture of our little Houdini for you next time 😉

*edited to add:

For those considering purchasing a SwaddleMe, Judith is around 8 1/2 lb right now and 22 in. long, so she’s pretty slim. The SwaddleMe Stage 2 is made for babies 7-20lb. and has plenty of room for her to grow, while still being nice & snug! 



I’ll leave you with this, my favorite picture of our little girl so far, because really, whose day wouldn’t be happier after seeing that smile?!


❤ Gina

2 thoughts on “Baby Judith Evelyn

  1. She’s so A d O r A b L e and seems to be coming along just fine! I love the many faces she makes so much! Each one tells a story all it’s own! Continued blessings to you as your new little family adapts, adjusts and acclimates to life together! 🙂

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