DIY Baby Wipes + 9-minute Tabata Workout

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I’ve got a baby/fitness post for ya 😉 I’m so excited to start exercising again! I’m keeping it low-key for now, but at my 6 weeks post-partum midwife appointment (2 weeks away) I’m looking forward to getting the OK to workout at a higher intensity again.

Today I did a quick tabata-style workout (written on the back of some coupons Garrett printed out, haha). I did this one 2 times (with 1 minute of rest between) because I was doing less intense exercises than normally are used in a tabata.



So what does “tabata” even mean?

Tabata training (aka, the Tabata Protocol) is a type of high intensity interval training that follows a specific format:

  • 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints)

  • 10 seconds of rest

  • Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes


As I mentioned above, I used lower intensity exercises than tabatas usually do…normally there are things like sprints, jump squats, burpees, etc. This one would be a good one for beginners, or someone getting back in shape after an injury, etc. These workouts are so quick it’s hard to believe they’re doing anything until you get breathless and sweaty about a minute in! Haha! Tabatas are a fun add-on to a cardio workout, and I love doing them as a finisher on weight training days.

Rita loves yoga mats. And she interrupted my skaters because she thought I wanted to play with her, LOL!

Let me know if you try the workout!

Now, on to the DIY baby wipes. These are what I’ve used for Judi since her birth, and before she was born I used them as disinfectant wipes to clean countertops.

The recipe is so simple, cheap, and toxin-free–I love it! The essential oils used are anti-microbial and soothing to skin, so not only are we killing germs here, but we’re also getting a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on baby’s bottom. The coconut oil is a great moisturizer and anti-microbial agent as well.


I use the recipe from a “Diaper Bag Makeover” article:

Use a chef’s knife (not a serrated knife–sooo messy with little paper towel bits everywhere) to cut in half a roll of paper towels. Recipe is for 1/2 the roll, so double it if you’re making the whole roll at once. (I used 4 paper towel roll halves, and made the recipe 4 times. It’s easier to do it this way because each roll gets the solution poured over it separately.)

Mix together 2 c. warm water, 2 T. fractionated coconut oil, 3 drops Melaleuca essential oil, and 3 drops Lavender essential oil. Place 1/2 of paper towel roll in large ziploc bag and pour solution over it. Once solution is absorbed, pull out cardboard center.


I have this wipe dispenser, that’s made just for paper towel wipes like this. I made some solution for reusable wipes too (they’re in the wet bag above).


One more fun thing–I shared on my instagram last week my latest coffee combo: No Sugar Added Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee!


Normally I take Whole Foods decaf and brew 4 oz. in my Keurig, pour over ice, and add almond milk. I was stirring in a dash of pumpkin pie spice, but today I added the spice to the pod right on top of the coffee grinds and brewed it in. It tasted really good!

What’s your favorite make-it-at-home coffee drink?


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