100 Squats Dumbbell Workout

Good morning! How was your Monday? I hope your week is off to a great start. Ready to workout?! 😀

Here’s a full body workout (with a focus on lower body, with 5 sets of 20 squats!) to help you feel the burn first thing this week!

100 Squat Dumbbell Workout

Notes on good form

1. Squats

Keep your weight in your heels and keep your muscles contracted during the entire movement (up and down). Point toes straight forward, not out to the sides or in toward each other, and protect knees by not letting your knees go in front of your toes.
For the pulses, stay down in the squat and quickly raise and lower just a few inches.

2. Donkey kicks with resistance band

Keep your core engaged and press through the heel as you kick. Keep the kicking motion slow and controlled, with the back of your leg engaged the entire time.

3. Inner thigh leg lifts

Keep hips and shoulders in line (imagine a straight line from ceiling through hips to floor), not curled in toward the floor.

4. Push-up to side plank

Keep abs and obliques tight, and keep body in a straight line during push-ups. Rotate in a controlled, fluid motion to a side plank before going back down into a push-up.

5. Plank jacks

Keep upper body anchored and still, abs engaged.

6. Side lying shoulder raise

Don’t raise the dumbbell past your shoulder! Stop right at the shoulder to prevent injury.

7. Arnold press

Sit up straight and engage abs. Keep the motion fluid and controlled.

8. Overhead triceps extension

Keep elbows in line with ears, and imagine pressing the flat part of the dumbbell up to the ceiling and “stamping” the ceiling with it.

9. One-arm triceps push-up

Plant hand on the arm your working down under your shoulder and keep body in a straight line.


There you have it! Have fun sweating! 😉



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