Friday Favorites

Friday’s here again! Yay! Have any fun weekend plans? Here’s a quick post with some of my favorite things right now. Share your Friday favorites in the comments!

Costco’s organic selections


These are one of many organic, heat-and-eat sides available at Costco…they’re lifesavers for nights when Judith is cluster feeding and I barely have time during her breaks to use the restroom, let alone to make dinner!

The Kindle app for iPad

I am SO glad to have this app since I don’t have a Kindle. It’s hard to read a paperback while breastfeeding, especially if I’m using the Boppy pillow (which still requires one hand under baby’s head while feeding, even though it supports baby’s body so one arm is free) or if I’m laying in bed while feeding. This app has made it so easy to read while feeding Judith, and it keeps me from falling asleep during night feedings, but I dim the light so it doesn’t wake Garrett up. Perfect! I think I read Wuthering Heights in 4 days on the Kindle app, and I only read during feedings…that’s how much time I spend feeding Judith, lol!

The Fitnessista’s Baked Breakfast Cookies

I never thought I’d be so busy feeding Judith that I wouldn’t have time to make breakfast…but it happens! All the time, I might add. And I’m usually ravenous in the morning, so that’s a big problem! I’ve been keeping some of these upstairs in my room so I can eat them in the morning while she’s eating too. They’re healthy, delicious, and filling. I need to make another batch since I ran out!

Thrift stores


Getting back to pre-baby size is a gradual thing…so I’m glad there are thrift stores to help my wardrobe keep up with all the sizes in between! Plato’s Closet is one with good brands for low prices (I’ve gotten shorts and tops there for $1-$5 when they have sales!), and in the Tampa area there are several locations.

Watching my little girl wake up


Judith takes a few minutes to wake up in morning. During that time, she stretches, sighs, groans, curls up her arms and legs close to her body, cries, and really fights opening her eyes. It’s so adorable!

7 Common Workout Mistakes

Funny workout tanks

20 Meals for $150 (needs some healthier substitutes for some ingredients, but it’s a good start for food budgeting and meal planning)

Have a great weekend!



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