Judith Evelyn: 6 months

This little lady is half a year old!

Babies change so much in a short amount of time. I love watching Judith learn new things all of a sudden. It’s like the lightbulb goes on and “that’s how you roll over!”

We took her out to the backyard (her happy place) for her 6 month pics. Since Friday morning she’s been shrieking often if things don’t go her way (if I leave the room, if she’s hungry, if she wants me to help her sit up, etc.). It’s like an annoyed “Hey, I want something. Do it NOW.” But when I take her outside, the shrieking stops.



I know, it’s hard to imagine something that cute making such terrible sounds, but I assure you, it happens.

She’s learned how to roll and scoot around the floor very well, and will stay sitting up if we help her sit. This is great, because now I can set her down facing me while I’m cooking or working and she doesn’t instantly cry like she used to when I had to lay her down on her back. The bad part is, her sleep schedule is awful again because she’s learning a new skill. She goes down at 10pm and is back up at midnight to eat again!


She’s become even more interested in solid foods. Her interest started at 4 months, and now she shrieks when we eat if we don’t give her something to eat, too. So we’ve made veggie Popsicles to pull out while we’re eating, or I’ll give her tiny bites of my food if it’s something safe for her to eat.


Over the past few weeks she’s become very attached to her momma, which is flattering and exasperating at the same time. I’ll be sure to remind her of the way she lights up with a smile and kicks her feet when I come in the room, if she ever calls me overprotective when she’s a teenager 😉


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