March Goals + How to Have a Marvelous March

Hello friends! Happy March! This first week + 1 day is full of celebrations for us–we just came home from a weekend vacation/anniversary trip, Garrett’s birthday is the 4th (yes he was a “march forth” baby 😉 ), and our anniversary is the 8th. I see lots of cake in our future 😉

A few days before each new month begins, I do a lot of planning for the month ahead. I’ve been setting monthly goals for my business for over a year now, but I’ve been slacking on the personal life side of goal setting. For my business, I set a long-term goal (a few years out), and a yearly goal. But without breaking those down further, it can be discouraging to see what looks like little to no progress in the short term. So that’s where the monthly goals come in. They challenge me to get from point A to point B and I only have 30/31 days to do it, so I really push to do what I need to do on a daily basis.

So I’m thinking setting personal goals on a monthly basis would be awesome, too. Here’s what I’ve come up with for March:

  • Read 2 books
  • Read to Judith 4x/week (she doesn’t like to sit still for this, and wants to eat the books, so we don’t do it every day)
  • Exercise 4x/week + walk with Judith 2x/week
  • Host an essential oils webinar 3x this month (I’ve got fun topics planned! Stay tuned!)
  • Get quiet time/alone time for 30 mins each day (harder than it sounds when you live with 2 extroverts. Haha!)
  • Spend 20 mins outside (barefoot! Possible anti-inflammatory benefits) 3x/week
  • Put away phone/computer/TV for set times each day (been wanting to do this for a while…it’s amazing how differently I feel and think when technology isn’t distracting my thought processes)

And now, how to have a Marvelous March! I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do posts like this at the beginning of each month, and I loved the idea!

1. Get back in touch with nature

PCT washington


Now that winter is coming to an end (for us in Florida, it never started. Haha.), it’s the perfect time to take a walk, sit under a tree and read, or hike in a forest. The pic is from the Pacific Crest Trail–I’ve been dying to hike this for a few years now, but it hasn’t happened yet. Still in my 10 year plan 😉 Planting a garden would be another awesome way to get in touch with nature again!



2. Pick up an old instrument you used to play (or learn how to play one for the first time!), and use it to bless others. Music has powerful effects on mood and health.



I play the piano, but have sorely neglected it for years 😦 College took me away from it, and now our house is too small to have one. But my parents still have a piano, so when I visit I’m going to play it again. I really miss it!

3. Reconnect with an old friend



Over coffee, of course 😉 You know, your best friend in high school, or your college roommate who you got along great with but lost touch with? There can be something beautiful about picking those relationships up again in a different place and time in life. If your friend lives too far away to meet in person…

4. Send some snail mail!


These ones from Lara Casey’s shop are so cute! I really want to get a set! Handwritten notes of encouragement mean so much. They’re a quick, easy, meaningful way to brighten up someone’s day and let them know how special they are. Speaking of letters, that brings us to #5:

5. Sponsor a child (and write them letters!)


(World Vision homepage)

Sponsoring a child provides them with clean water, basic health care, and school supplies. World Vision also works with the families of sponsored children to improve their economic condition by teaching them a skill (like baking bread) to earn money. With World Vision, the cost to sponsor a child is $35/month. I began to sponsor a child from Ghana last month, and I was so excite to receive my welcome packet a few days ago with pictures of him and info about his community…I’m looking forward to receiving my first letter from him so on! They make it easy to send letters through email, too, so you can save on postage if you’d like.


Pare you soon with a vacation recap & pics 🙂


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