Quick Legs & Glutes Workout (no equipment needed!)

During Judith’s nap time or independent playtime, one of the first things on my to do list is exercise (except on the days I need to nap…lol).

My mood and energy levels go right up, I sleep deeper at night, and I feel stronger & more confidant when I exercise, so it’s always a priority. It feels like I get everything else done so much faster after exercising, like my brain is working at top speed!

Yesterday Judith didn’t nap in the afternoon, but she did spend some time happily rolling around on the floor so I took advantage of that time to get in a quick legs & glutes workout. The key word is quick. Because I didn’t use weights, moving from one exercise to the next without pausing was what I needed to do to work up a sweat.


15 Reverse lunge with front kick (R)

15 Reverse lunge with front kick (L)

15 Jump squats

20 Bridges

15 Supermans

15 Plie squats on tiptoe

Repeat for total of 3 times


Let me know if you try it! 🙂


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