Judith Evelyn: 8 months

Where is the year going?? Judith is 8 months old (as of two weeks ago) and looking and acting more like a “little person” every day. She’s tall (28-29 in.) and weighs 20 lbs!


She’s constantly pulling herself up on furniture to scoot along it and practice her walking. Every so often she lets go to hold a toy with both hands and has to catch herself–which she is very good at doing–but the look on her face as she suddenly realizes she’s standing all by herself is priceless. I wish I could catch that in a picture but I’m too busy diving to catch her so she doesn’t fall over!

Naptime trick for moms: go for a walk until baby falls asleep. Park stroller somewhere at home with white noise (like on the porch near the air conditioner outside) and enjoy the long nap! This has worked really well for us this week. 

This month Judith has started to like independent play. Because she can crawl or “walk” to me now if she needs me, she’s more comfortable playing alone (with me in the same room, doing my own thing).

She’s started babbling “da-da-da-da-da” randomly, and I’m trying to always take her to Garrett or point to him when she says that. When she’s hungry or very fussy she says “ma-ma-ma-ma!” over and over. And when she falls over while standing, or knocks something else over and it upsets her, she cries and babbles about that, too. It’s adorable!

Why did I wait so long to use our Ergobaby carrier?! I love it! Garrett’s used it all along but I just started last week. Will definitely start earlier with the next baby. Of course Judith twists all around to see the people in the room. Won’t sit still for anything!


She likes being read to a lot more now. She’s really listening and can usually get through half a book before crawling away, distracted. But I help her regroup to finish the story 😉 No pics of us reading so I’ll throw in a cute bath time pic instead 😉

Well, 2 more weeks until her 9 month update (yikes)! I love watching her grow! 

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