My Morning Routine (for gut health and all-day fat burning)

Good health doesn’t happen on accident. What we think, eat, and do consistently makes us healthy (or unhealthy). We all have morning routines–hit snooze, snuggle under the covers as long as possible, finally get up, change the baby’s diaper, wash face, make coffee, eat something, and head out the door has been my typical routine many times 😉

For gut health (read: to keep things moving. No shame!), I started a few years ago with drinking water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. I’ve done warm water, water with lemon, and tea. Then, when Judith was born, I started taking probiotics right after the glass of water every morning because Judith was having digestive issues and the pediatrician suggested both of us taking probiotics. But over the last few weeks I’ve added a few things that are really changing how I feel throughout the day.

I’ve been more full and satisfied after breakfast and it’s been lasting the rest of the day! I’m really excited about this, because I have been a voracious monster grazer for the past couple of years, so it’s nice to go a few hours between meals and not think about food.

In chronological order:

1. A glass of water (I sometimes add grapefruit essential oil)

This cleanses and stimulates the digestive system, as well as rehydrates me after sleeping (and breastfeeding, which takes extra water out of my body) at night. The grapefruit boosts the hormone glutathione production (strengthening the immune system) and accelerates fat loss (really helped me with belly fat post-partum).

2. Probiotics

Look for a refrigerated probiotic, or a double-encapsulated one like doTERRA’s. I’m using this one because it has a very high dose so although some of it will get killed by stomach acid, a lot will still make it through to my gut. Taking it on an empty stomach means lower stomach acid levels and more probiotic is kept alive. This one is in powdered form, so I sprinkle it on a spoonful of applesauce. I get it from the holistic doctor’s office.

3. Phat Fudge

This stuff is a post all on its own–but not on my blog 😉 Mary (Paleo Chef) created this recipe. Basically, I wanted a way to get more turmeric in me, and cayenne pepper has great anti-inflammatory benefits too, so I jumped at the chance to combine them with…cacao? And butter? Yes. Obviously. But I think is really what’s keeping me full and satiated. Fats aren’t digested until they get to the lower part of our intestine, which contains a trigger for that full feeling. Phat Fudge has a huge dose of healthy fats, therefore, a piece before breakfast results in 1. eating a smaller breakfast and 2. feeling fuller longer. Much longer.

4. dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality supplements

One is for cellular vitality, one for omega fatty acids and essential oils, and one for vitamins & minerals. Really, the quality of the ingredients (whole foods, from sustainable sources), their bioavailability (very easily absorbed by our bodies), and the dosage that’s formulated to fill in the gaps of the Standard American Diet (SAD) are what set these apart. I haven’t been sick in 3 yrs because of these. Ask me about the most affordable way to get these. 

5. Vitamin D3 drops


I started taking D3 when I was pregnant with Judith, because blood tests showed my levels were low. I’d already read about Vitamin D3’s amazing health benefits (like fighting cold & flu, supporting a properly functioning immune system, and promoting DNA repair) so I was excited to start taking it. (Yes, taking supplements excites me! Or, if that sounds too nerdy, not missing anything in life because of sickness excites me!) Read here for more Vitamin D3 info. I agree the best way to get most of your Vitamin D is through sunlight, but I like to make sure I’m getting enough by continuing the liquid drops.
On the “things that don’t work in the morning” for me side, I noticed coffee always sits heavy in my stomach so I’ve been skipping it in the morning, and carb-y breakfasts leave me feeling sluggish so I have fats & protein with a little complex carbs instead. 

What are your morning routines? What doesn’t work for you in the morning?

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