The Baby Food Post

Four months ago, Judith started taking food off my plate. We weren’t quite ready to give her food at that point (she was just 4 mos. old) but I took it as a sign she was ready. Our pediatrician suggested starting solid foods between 4-6 months for less likelihood of food allergies, and said to start with fruits and veggies. We eat mostly fruits and veggies anyway around here (well, chocolate is pretty high up there too), so I was happy to oblige. 

I also was glad our pedi didn’t suggest cereals, because of my research that grains (even gluten free ones) can be inflammatory and raise blood sugar levels unnaturally. They can also be constipating, which Judi definitely doesn’t need to deal with! 

So we started feeding her 3x a day around 6 mos., when she began to ask for food loudly whenever we sat down to eat. It was getting difficult to hold her on my lap through a meal as she tried to grab all the food and made lots of upset noises! Mealtime got so much easier after we got the high chair and gave her solids with each meal. 

We make purées, since she has no teeth yet. The Vitamix is SO convenient for this. Ours has a purée setting so you just start it and walk away. We add pumped breastmilk to every purée so she still gets the immune boosting nutrients and we figure it helps her stomach digest the food better.

(Bonus points if you guess the TV series playing in the background 😉 )

Here’s how we do it:

Start by putting 2 medium sweet potatoes and a butternut squash in the oven at 375. They’ll take about 45 mins to bake.

Steam your fresh/frozen veggies in the meantime. We used about 2 c. frozen spinach, 1 1/2 c. frozen peas, 1 1/2 c. carrots (sliced or shredded), 1 1/2 c. frozen green beans, and 2 c. frozen broccoli this time. We also shred 2 apples and a pear while everything is cooking. That lasts a little over one week.

We keep the steamed veggies separate until pureeing. Here are the combos we make (and Judith likes) from the veggies above:

  • Peas, carrots, and apple
  • Broccoli and sweet potato
  • Green beans, spinach, and pear
  • Butternut squash and apple


After the purées cool, we pour them into little baby food cube containers and squeezable pouches.

That thing with a plastic sippy cup-looking lid is actually made for filling pouches with food! Just fill it up, flip it over, and squeeze to fill a pouch. On the bottom left is a little Popsicle tray. We add a little purée to each slot to make 4 Popsicles. She’s now eating 1-2 cubes or 1 pouch with each meal. Dinner is her biggest meal, where she’ll eat 3 cubes, or 2 plus a Popsicle 😉 Butternut squ has and apple seems to be her favorite combo so far. It takes us about an hour from start to finish to make the week’s worth of food. We leave one tray in the fridge and freeze the rest, thawing as needed.

(This pic is from a time we made some puréed cauliflower. It didn’t freeze well!)

Got any good baby food recipes? When did you start giving your little one solids? 

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