A Killer Leg Workout (no equipment necessary)

I used to think “no equipment” meant no results for my workouts. But since I’ve spent less time in the gym and more time working out at home and outdoors after having a baby, I’ve been schooled!!! I felt this leg workout for days–even in my low back (which is where the leg muscles attach, so it should be exercised during every leg day).

Repeat the first 4 moves up to 3 times before moving on. Then repeat the last 3 moves up to 3 times.

Form cues–

Lunges: keep upper body upright, knees behind toes. Make a 90 degree angle with each leg as you lower down.

Jump squats: modify by hopping gently off the ground to make them easier, or increase the intensity with powerful, explosive jumps. Whatever you need to do to make it happen and work your hardest!

Lunge & lift: this is a stationary lunge, so your front leg stays in place as your back leg comes off the ground (using your glute to lift and squeeze). Bring back leg down to the start and lunge again.

Plie squats: keep your back straight, and toes pointed slightly outward. Sink down, press up through your heels. You’ll feel it in your inner thighs more if you lift your heels off the ground.

Lateral leg lifts: lie down on your side, hips and shoulders stacked directly on top of each other. Rest your head on your hand on on the ground and lift the top leg up, then lower slowly with control.

Bridges: like a normal bridge, but with feet up on a bench or chair (Or couch or coffee table… Watch the video for instructions. This makes it harder–you can always ditch the bench and keep your feet on the ground).

Hip raises: video demo


Let me know if you try this! Enjoy the soreness the next day–or grab your Deep Blue Rub and Lemongrass essential oil 😉

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