Soaking it Up

Hi friends, hope your Monday was awesome. We hosted a friend’s birthday party last night, and I went upstairs early because Judith was tired. She actually slept from 8:30pm on!

Sunday was my first Mother’s Day with Judith in my arms (last year she was packed away in my tummy) and it was kind of surreal, honestly. It was amazing watching her crawl and play with her aunts & uncles knowing on Mother’s Day last year she wasn’t even born.

(Our selfie attempt. Someone wouldn’t sit still!)
Living in the moment

I’m a dreamer, and I can be so focused on end goals that I forget to enjoy where I am right now. I can easily start thinking, “in 5 yrs when we have x, y, and z, life will be so awesome!”

This habit/personality trait also lends itself to discontentment and frustration, unfortunately. And I know that if I allow those feelings now, they won’t magically vanish “in 5 yrs when life is so awesome.” So I’m practicing enjoying every day, just being present here & now, and it’s a much happier way to live.

Also, thinking less about myself & my plans and more about what my family can do to help others is a huge antidote to discontent. There’s less time for thinking about ourselves when our thoughts & actions are focused on others. That’s one thing I want to pass on to Judith–a natural tendency to look out for others, not just when opportunities present themselves, but intentionally.

How do you teach being others-focused to your kiddos? They learn from what they see us parents/adults do (not just what we say), so how do you model selflessness?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

❤ Gina

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