Weekday adventures

Lol, but that’s real life right now. Central Fla has had nonstop rain since Friday. A lot of roads have actually looked like this. But honestly it doesn’t change my schedule. Judith & I just have been just rolling (swimming?) with it. I kinda love watching and listening to a thunderstorm roll in.

We helped out at an awesome Health Symposium (natural health education event) on Friday (Day 1 of the monsoon-like rain), have made several trips to Target (and scored big in the $1/$3 and clearance sections!), and visited Judi’s Grandma & the aunts/uncles (my mom & my younger siblings).

Today we met with 2 close friends and business partners to plan exciting stuff (love you ladies Briana and Corryn!!), spent a lot of time outdoors (between storms), oh, and this little lady took her first steps by herself! 


No, I didn’t get her walking on camera 😭 I tried and tried but she wouldn’t do it again (like the beet juice stains she’s sporting? Keeping it real.)

She’s down for a nap now, but after dinner I’m sure I’ll be crafting a plan to get her to walk again. She won’t do it if she thinks about it too much, so I have to distract her.

Up next for me is a leg workout/HIIT session, then dinner. I’m thinking a big fresh salad and…soup? I’ve been thinking about Vitamix soup since a friend posted a pic of hers on FB last week. It’s really so easy and delicious I just need to do it! I’ll be sure to share the recipe.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday,

❤ Gina

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