Get Moving Monday!

Happy Monday, friends! Hope your weekend adventures were fun and relaxing.


Saturday morning we took a drive to Lakeland to visit Garrett’s parents and put new brakes on the car.

It was the perfect opportunity for Judith to hang out around some of her favorite things: tools! (That’s a wrench in her hand. LOL)

Pure joy.

And it was the perfect opportunity for momma to get some PowerPoints done for the retreat coming up this week. Can’t wait! It’ll be awesome to relax at the beach, especially since the weather has been cooler. (I’m a cold windy beach person. It’s still far from cold here, but it’s improving!) Wednesday I’ll be speaking on different aspects of entrepreneurship and team building. It’s going to be a blast!

Back to the weekend–Sunday we hit up a farmers’ market in Hyde Park. Even though it rained for a good part of the morning, there was a great turnout and a lot of unique vendors (including a delicious olive salad company, herbs/succulents, homemade body products for humans and pets, and a bunch of food and drink options).

I finally decided to get the “Downtown” grilled cheese (turkey, smoky BBQ, and fresh mozzarella) from a food truck that ONLY makes grilled cheese. Um, great idea! It was delicious and cheap. They even make the bread!

So now that Monday’s here, it’s time to get back to work! I LOVE Mondays–I spend Sunday nights in anticipation, planning and setting up whatever I can do automatically (social media, etc.) for the week. I’m weird. But that’s OK!

I’ve found when I hit the ground running (literally) with a workout on Monday morning, my workouts are more solid throughout the week and I’m less likely to skip one. With that said, here’s a fun quick workout for you to try today. Let me know how it goes!

❤ Gina

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