Update from Boca Grande/Team Retreat + Friday Faves

Hello and happy Friday! The weekend’s almost here! What do you have planned?

Judith and I returned from our team retreat on the beach last night, and caught up with my in laws who were in town for dinner.

This week on the beach at Boca Grande we really got a chance to rest and renew (especially Judith, who got some really great naps in while momma was attending sessions, lol). It was great to connect with new and old friends.

All day Wednesday was packed with training sessions. It seemed as if the coffeepot never got a break: as we tried to keep up with all the training, we all wanted refills!

Wednesday night we got to check out the grand opening of a fancy hotel, complete with appetizers and dessert. I was totally out of place in my running shorts and t-shirt amidst a sea of Lilly Pulitzer, no big deal 😉


Judith loved the desserts, naturally.

There was a beautiful wood playground next door.

After a quick trip to see the sunset on the beach, we arrived back at the beach house moments before a downpour began. Perfect timing!
Some of my faves this Friday:

^ this is true

How Sweet Eats – beautiful food photography and recipes, and I’m really enjoying her round up posts with links around the web. She shared some great ideas like recipe templates that I’ve never seen before!

Kettlebell leg workout w/cardio – on the way to the gym this morning, Judith fell asleep (naps are scare around here, so we went home to keep her asleep so I could work). This post saved my workout today! (If you don’t have a kettlebell at home yet, why not?!)
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The Power of Face-to-Face Communication in a Digital World

Hootsuite.com and the app (for blogs or businesses using social media to connect with your audience, this app will give you back your LIFE! You’re welcome)

Enjoy the weekend!

❤ Gina

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