4 Ways to Bounce Back from a Slump

You’ve been there, right? For a few weeks you’re going full steam ahead, working out consistently, meal planning and prepping like a boss, and checking things off your to-do list at whirlwind speed. Then, you hit a wall. Where’d that come from? You wonder. And before you know it, you’re shoveling in all the gluten-y, dairy, sugary things that normally don’t even tempt you. Working out? Who has time for that? And forget the to-do list. More like a “not happening today in my wildest dreams” list. 

Then comes the guilt and frustration with yourself for falling off the healthy eating/exercise/productivity/fill-in-the-blank wagon, and you get mad at yourself for not staying on top of your game. In my experience this makes it even harder to start doing things right again.

I’ll admit, I was in one of those slumps for a few weeks recently, and it wasn’t pretty. It resulted in grumpiness and frustration. But also in a great idea for a blog post (lol) because I’m not the only one who goes through times like this, right? From what I’ve seen and my friends have told me, it’s kind of normal.

It’s all about how we handle ourselves and our responsibilities during these setbacks and how we come back from them. 

So let’s talk about how to bounce back:

1. Remember your past successes and failures, not compared to anyone else’s

We all have ups and downs, and guess what? It’s not going to kill you to experience some “downs” amidst all the “ups.” Chances are this has happened before, and you’re still here, still healthy and alive. You’ll make it through and there will be more “ups.” There always have been before, right? Let this inspire you and give you motivation to keep going, to do the things you know you should do even if you don’t feel like it.

With social media it’s easy to think “she looks so perfect EVERY day,” or “she eats so clean, look at all her food pics!” When the reality is…that’s not reality. Social media allows us to broadcast the parts of our lives that are good, easy, “perfect” looking, and hide the rest (to some extent). Remember we ALL have bad days, and you can’t judge a girl by her Instagram.

2. Start simple. Just do it! No excuses.

Action conquers fear. And action conquers laziness. Therefore action conquers slumps.

If you want to get back to eating clean,  start with drinking more water throughout the day, or adding a veggie to each meal. If you want to get back to exercising regularly, start with 15-20 min workouts for 4-5 days out of the week.


As Sarah Bowmar said once, “The best way to get back on track is to get back on track.”

3. Read and/or journal

There’s nothing like being alone in a quiet place to remind me why I’m here and get me refreshed and re-inspired. Answer the questions, What am I thankful for right now? WHY do I workout/run my own business/you fill in the blank? Why is it worth it to persevere when I don’t feel Ike it?

4. Remember grace.

Give yourself (and others) grace on your bad days. God does. Our imperfections aren’t an obstacle for Him and He can and does work through them.


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