Catching Up

Hi all! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had a fun family + friends get together at my parents’ home on Thursday (and we’re still eating leftovers!).


This little lady has been keeping me on my toes, saying all kinds of words, and she’s so close to running! She does a speed walk and can get around really fast.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

  • Reading  a new book in 2 days = glorious! (most of it was finished during one of J’s unusually long naps)


  • Staying up super late (read: 5am one night, 2am several nights) with a night owl baby


  • Shopping for clothes at Costco (who am I?!). The things I’ve found are surprisingly practical, affordable, and cute! Beside the maxi skirt pictured, I found a purple jacket that’s rain resistant which is perfect for the weather here.


  • Eating too much pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and after! At least it was homemade and organic 😉


  • Setting up the Christmas tree


  • Spending lots of time outside! (most of that time is spent raking leaves from the tree that never stops shedding)


  • Loving this chocolate granola!


  • Making bunches of Christmas gifts (got a case of mason jars 50% off at Michaels which made each of them so cheap!)


  • Fish-watching with the new (big!) tank

I’m grateful for the simple things this Thanksgiving season, and always ❤

I’ll be back with an essential oil rockstar post up next!


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