4-minute New Years’ Eve Workout

Happy New Years’ Eve! I love this time of year, and after taking a few weeks off in December, I’m refreshed and ready to get back to my routine (as much of a routine as I can with a 16-month-old who takes my plans and laughs at them, then crushes them to pieces. Just saying 😉

Because of the aforementioned 16-month-old, I’m all about super quick workouts over here. And since somebody got a medicine ball for Christmas from the best husband ever, we’re going to use it in this workout 😀 (That was me. I got the medicine ball for Christmas. Just so we’re clear. Haha)


You can do this without the medicine ball, of course, or substitute a soccer or basketball.

This workout can be completed in 4 minutes, or you can repeat 1-2 times for a longer workout. You can even do each round at different times throughout the day (stay at home moms are all too familiar with that kind of workout, am I right?! Start before breakfast, do a round during afternoon nap time, another round before bed…whatever it takes!)

Form notes:

Squats w/med ball toss – holding medicine ball at waist level, squat. As you stand up, toss the ball above your head and catch just before beginning to squat again. Work at making it fluid movement.

Plank crawl – in full plank position (hands below shoulders), inch one hand and foot forward, then the opposite hand and foot. Keep core engaged!

Medicine ball crunches –  like regular crunches, but with medicine ball held above chest. I like to tap the ball on the floor behind my head, hands on the ball, when I come down after each crunch.

Medicine ball mountain climbers – (if you have wrist problems, skip the medicine ball and do regular mountain climbers) both hands on medicine ball, start slow – these are much harder to balance than regular mountain climbers, and your abs will feel it SO MUCH more! The second time I went through this circuit, I had to stop and hold in plank. Fiery fiery abs!

If you’re out at a party tonight, here are a few of my tips for staying on the healthy wagon:

  • Come (somewhat) hungry – it never works for me to eat before a party. I ended up still stuffing my face because of all the yummy new dishes to try and then I’ve gone way overboard by having two meals instead of one. Now don’t fast all day beforehand or anything, but I never go to a party full. I will usually bring a snack in case the options are terribly unhealthy or there’s not enough food.
  •  Pass up the store-bought dishes or boring food. Don’t just eat it because it’s there. (I’ll skip the store-bought chocolate chip cookies or cakes, I can get those anywhere, but I try the homemade, “family recipe” type dishes.)
  • Don’t forget drinks have calories too, and can have a lot of sugar. I like to enjoy my sugar in baked goods, not drinks, so just ask your hostess what’s in the punch and if it’s loaded with sugar, only take a small sample of it instead of filling up a huge glass.

Enjoy your 4-minute workout and eat some NYE party snacks for me tonight 🙂

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