Make Your Abs Cry

Hello hello! If you want a quick but painful ab workout, this is it! I went for a run with Judith in the jogging stroller earlier this week, and did this workout when I got home. I felt it the next day in that great way that means your workout was a success! 😀


When I need an extra push to do something that’s tough (like this ab workout, or eating veggies instead of more chocolate, or being patient with my daughter), this quote gets me every time! Thinking about how I’ll feel tomorrow helps me just do it – satisfaction for a job well done beats regret for sure.

I’ve been enjoying lots of tea with a drop of Bergamot essential oil at night to stave off the munchies. I’m part of an online fitness challenge right now so I can’t let my team down by eating after hours! It’s the extra push I needed to stop boredom snacking. I could post salt lamp pics all day, but I’ll spare you. That’s what Instagram’s for, right?


Little Lady turned 17 mos. a few days ago! She’s changing a lot and is so much fun to be around at this age. The solar lights from our walkway are the perfect accessories for her outfit, obviously.

How neat is this? The Living Planet app can turn any pic or video into…whatever type of pic that’s called. I like the way panoramic photos turn out. Videos look so cool. I’d post the original of the pic above, but it’s way, way back in my phone’s photos.

Back to the ab workout–you’ll just need a balance ball for these exercises.

  • 30 knee tucks
  • 50 crunches on the ball
  • 10 knee ups
  • 30-60 sec plank (make it easier without using the ball. Feet on the ball make it harder)

Repeat 1-2 times. Gently stretch in an “up dog” type position to give your abs a break. Enjoy the burn 😉
❤ Gina

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