6 Naptime Workouts

Quiet, quick workouts don’t have to be boring or ineffective. In fact, short, high intensity workouts can be very effective (think HIIT–it’s super for leaning out and strengthening muscles in the entire body + cardiovascular fitness!). Here’s a roundup of workouts that are perfect for naptime.

24 Minute Dumbbells Only Home HIIT Workout – Blonde Ponytail

Upper Body Superset Workout – PB Fingers

Full Body HIIT Workout – Fit Bottomed Girls

Six Pack in a Sweater Ab Burner – Fitnessista

Kettlebell Pyramid – Carrots N Cake

The 20-minute Hotel Room Workout – Nerd Fitness


Bonus for fun: The Playground Workout – Nerd Fitness (this one looks super tough!)

Let me know if you try any of these! It can be so hard as a new mom to get back in the swing of things, but anything is possible if you get creative and persevere through tough times. Many of my workouts turn into breastfeeding sessions or toddler meltdowns or snack time. If you can’t get it all done at one time, it’s OK to split your workout up. Keep in mind, higher intensity workouts like the ones in this post will get you more results in less time.

Thanks to all the fabulous fitness bloggers who created these workouts ❤

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