801 E. Main Street

Hello all! Last weekend we moved to Lakeland (only 35 miles from Tampa, where we lived before) and it has been a great week! I’ve been laser-focused on unpacking and a little decorating from the moment I wake up until bedtime, and I have to say I didn’t mind the moving experience at all! (It’s a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but this move will be the last one for us for a long time, and it’s made my life significantly easier by giving Garrett his own office, which means I don’t have to keep a toddler from making loud noises or running past the webcam all day anymore, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.)

On Tuesday Judith and I stopped by our first local coffee shop – The Poor Porker – only to find out it is closed Mon-Wed. So we tried again Thursday night and had a fabulous time! I mean, what could go wrong with beignets and campfire coffee? I loved the eclectic/rustic/hipster decor, and Judith thought the “tent” (a huge tipi with seating for 5-6, and a table made from an old piano bench and mismatched belts) was so cool. So we had to return with the “real camera” to take lots of pics that do the place justice! My family came over to visit, and we all went together.

But first – a birthday cake photo! It seems like every year around Garrett’s birthday something major happens (our wedding & his new job were in the same year days before and after his birthday) and this year continued that “tradition” with us moving in less than a week before his birthday.

He likes vanilla cakes…but he only eats one small piece, so this year I made chocolate 😉

(Minor catastrophe on one side of the cake, but icing covered my tracks.)

Judith was very helpful 🙂 She even started posing for pictures again!

All right, here’s our visit to the Poor Porker.

It’s set up as a courtyard with multiple “stations.” The whole thing is called “801 E. Main Street” and The Poor Porker is the coffee & beignet truck (one of the stations). The Corner Store is like a mini grocery store, and there’s also a boutique, bar, and large seating area. There are smaller seating areas all over the courtyard. We started in an old camper and ended up in the tipi.


Seriously there is so much fun furniture and decor there! It was hard to narrow down the pictures to post.

Make sure to visit on your birthday – they’ll give you a free order of their original beignets!

Until next time,


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