Kale Chips and Vietnamese Cinnamon

You can add those to the list of things I never expected to show up on my doorstep together! I was pleasantly surprised when I won a snack pack from Made in Nature on Instagram a few months ago. At the time I thought they’d just send a bag of Figgy Pops (which I’ve had before, because they’re sold at our Costco), but when the box arrived it included Rosemary Truffle Kale Chips (!!!), Figgy Pops, and Vietnamese Cinnamon Swirl Toasted Coconut Chips!

I dug right in (Garrett sometimes gives me a hard time about how impatient I am whenever I get something new – I try it right away instead of waiting for what feels like next Christmas, like he does)  and, no surprise, I loved the two new-to-me snacks! The kale chips are slightly crispy with an addicting flavor, not too salty and the truffle oil doesn’t overpower them (can they make a box 5x the size? Seriously, I could eat it in 2-3 sittings).


As soon as I opened the bag of coconut chips, I thought, cinnamon rolls! because they have that sweet cinnamon aroma. The chunks of coconut are thick (unlike thin, crispy coconut chips I’ve tried from other brands) and perfectly sweet to eat as part of dessert. After every meal. (Not kidding!) They only have 5g of sugar per 1/2 c. so you can seriously cure a sugar craving with these, without actually loading up with sugar.


The Figgy Pops are dense and tart, with figs, dates, cashews, and tart cherries as the base, covered in coconut. These are a more substantial snack with a whole serving being just 3 pops. And the bag is pretty big, so these will probably last the longest out of the 3 snacks they sent me. They’re easy to transport for fuel on the go, like on a hiking trip or just a day out running errands.

All the snacks are organic and have short ingredients lists (just how I like it). You can see the ingredients listed at madeinnature.com. Judith enjoys sharing these snacks with me too. Thank you to Christie at Nourished Postpartum (serving new moms in Washington State with care) and Made in Nature brands for giving these delicious snacks away! Now my only problem will be finding a store in Lakeland that sells them so we can restock our supply!


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