On The Favorites List

Happy Monday Tuesday! (I had high hopes of blogging this yesterday, but Judith intervened!)  Hope your weekend was fabulous! Ours was packed with adventures, including a trip to Wild Florida in Kissimmee (pics coming later!).

Today I’ve made a list of things I’m currently loving to share with you (I love when other bloggers do this!) 😊

Rainbow roller bottles are the bomb! Don’t they make you smile?? Now if Judith (the Sticker Removal Queen) takes off the labels on my roller bottle blends, I still have the different colored lids to tell them apart! #momwin


We made a sleepy time blend in the pink/purple roller ball for Judith, since Lavender oil doesn’t work on her (she’s like one in a million, right?! Lavender knocks me out!). I gave her the bottle and she rolled it all over her feet and mouth and legs and hands (her favorite places to apply oils – liberally so we just dilute a lot) and she was asleep within 15-20 minutes! That is SO FAST compared to normal, especially since we put her to bed about an hour earlier than usual (we got up early that day).


Sweet Dreams Baby

5 drops Cedarwood

2 drops invigorating blend

5 drops reassuring blend

3 drops Spearmint

I got these roller bottles at The Root and Petal (they also offer cute tote bags and more!)


• Big floppy hats

I never thought I’d say this, but I love getting clothes and accessories at Costco. Seriously, never thought that would happen. I always thought big box stores carried the ugliest clothing, but I now I keep adding more of their pieces to my closet (like their rain jacket, maxi skirt, and the skorts I wore all the time during pregnancy). They’re just so useful and comfy!

The latest addition is this big floppy hat with UV protection. Judith and I love walking around the neighborhood (stopping to say “Hiii!!!” to every lizard, bird, and neighbor) and there are approximately zero trees large enough to shade over the sidewalk – they’re all too young and short. So if we’re burning up in the heat now, I can only imagine what it’ll be like when the real summer gets here (Spring and Autumn are just extremely warm bookends to a fiery Summer around here…blech).
The Truth About Cancer docu-series is coming back April 12!

TTAC is an online 9-part webinar series that’s free to watch while it’s airing, then you can purchase the DVDs to watch at home. I’ve seen most of the episodes and I’m so excited to watch it again! The episodes include interviews with many medical professionals (some who have cured their own cancer) and practical advice for cancer prevention. This series has saved so many lives already, and it opened my eyes to all the little changes I could make to lower my family’s risk for cancer. The info shared here is invaluable. You can register to watch it free here.

• Get Over Your Fear of Rejection – this short slideshow (with beautiful images!) makes a good point

Coloring with Judith

I used to wait until I got some alone time to color because I didn’t want Judith to destroy my coloring books (I imagined torn-out pages, wild scribbles, and food stains or serious spilled drink damage!), and it was something I used to de-stress. However, I quickly realized that meant I’d never get to color again since alone time is scarce around here. So I started coloring with Judith; we work on the same page together and I just deal with the random scribbles so we both get to enjoy it together. She seriously fell in love with coloring after we started doing that, so it was worth it!

What are some of your favorite activities lately? Comment here to share – you never know who else might enjoy your latest craze too!


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