Pregnancy Update: 18 weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet potato! (Courtesy of my Ovia pregnancy app.) And coincidentally I’ve just started really wanting to eat sweet potatoes again…in enchiladas, as a breakfast bowl, with shredded chicken on top…

With the fatigue and frustrating constant hunger that pregnancy brings (to me, at least), my last blog post was about 11 weeks ago, shattering my goal of posting once a week this year. Can we start over this week?! Of course!

So let’s compare this pregnancy to my first (this is more for me than for you, but if you find it interesting, keep reading).

Sleep – Um, I get less of it? I sleep almost every time Judith (the almost 2 yr old) does but I haven’t had problems sleeping yet.

Exercise – I haven’t exercised consistently since around 7 weeks because that’s when the fatigue and constant hunger kicked in. Exercising made me more tired and more hungry, and I couldn’t sleep unless Judith did (one nap a day, for 45-60 mins) which was not enough sleep for me.

Cravings – none really. I never had serious cravings with Judith either – just a “wow that would taste really good right now!” feeling every so often.

Food aversions – LOTS. I had a hard time stomaching salad, meat, cheese, veggies, olives, and pretty much anything except fruit. I lived on smoothies. And granola bars. This was much worse than the first time around! The last couple weeks have been almost back to normal as far as this goes.

Energy – decent at this point. I started exercising a little, but the main cause of any energy deficit is not getting enough sleep due to Judith. She’s still a night owl.

Dizziness – infrequent and seems to coincide with drinking too much caffeine (I have a low tolerance since my first pregnancy) and not getting enough sleep. It resolves after a glass of water with Himalayan sea salt.

Thoughts about labor – I’ve got this! I feel even more excited to give birth this time around because I know how amazing the first few weeks are of getting to know the new little one and being on that natural high from giving birth. Seriously cannot wait!!

Judith’s thoughts about the pregnancy – Well, every time I remind her there’s a baby in my tummy, she holds her stomach and says, “I have one too!” and since I tell her that the baby’s growing, she will randomly touch my stomach and say “Baby’s growing!” Sweetest thing ever! I can’t wait until she can touch my stomach and feel the baby move. She’s really helpful around our baby friends (volunteering to take diapers to the trash for my momma friends when they visit, carrying toys and blankets to baby during play time, etc.) but I keep having to remind myself to expect a little jealousy on her part initially after baby is born. I’m sure her helpfulness will kick in quickly ❤


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