Latest eats + Costco finds

Hi everyone! Happy August! 

I have been looking forward to this month because 1) it’s my birthday month (cue the free junk food coupons in my inbox from restaurants, haha. Hitting Delete on most of them except Datz Dough in Tampa – their cupcakes are amazing!) and 2) it’s the last month of inferno-like heat in Florida! I always feel like the worst is over when we make it through August. WE CAN DO THIS! #airconditioning #peppermintspray #icewater <– how I survive the summer 😆

On the pregnancy update front, we’re moving right along! Baby is almost 22 weeks now (only 18-ish to go! Sweet!) and I’ve been feeling great except for occasional low back pain when my hips get out of alignment. But I felt like working out today which is a huge win! I mostly used the TRX bands for some push-ups, squats, and rows with jogging in place between sets.

I love looking at bump pictures after baby’s born and 5-6 months old and thinking “How did I stretch like that?!” Haha it never seems that big at the time.

Lunch today was so delicious I wished I made double…yep, that would have been 2 whole sandwiches. But I didn’t, so I’ll make it again for lunch tomorrow. Aldi has organic red peppers now (!!) so I was on them like white on rice and am using them in our meals this week. First up: roasted red pepper sandwich with goat cheese and spinach 😍

Roasting red peppers is simple: preheat oven to Broil, cut peppers in half, clean out seeds/membranes, and place face down on a pan very close to the top of the oven. Broil for 7-9 minutes and flip. Broil for 5-6 more minutes and remove from oven. Slice and they’re ready to go.

I slathered goat cheese on the bread, added spinach and roasted peppers, and added a little butter to a frying pan to give my sandwich the grilled cheese crispy exterior. The only thing I’ll do differently tomorrow is double the goat cheese, haha!

*just realized this is a 100% Aldi meal since the goat cheese, spinach, and bread (all organic, and the bread is sprouted, with minimal ingrediets) is from Aldi, which means it’s basically dirt cheap AND healthy 😉

Costco this weekend was full of yummy organic items! Any other Pink Lady apple lovers out there?! These apples are so tart and sweet. I added a little peanut butter (also from Costco) and leftover chocolate banana smoothie for my afternoon snack today.

These eggs really stole the show, though. I don’t know if this price tag was a misprint or what, but they’re usually $6.99 for 24 organic eggs, and this weekend they were just $4.89! We got 3 containers. No shame! They don’t expire until September something, and I’ll be making a few birthday cakes/cupcakes so I know none of these will be wasted!

I also found Mary’s Gone Crackers (original flavor) at Costco for $5.99 for two big bags. Another favorite for me and Judith to pair with goat cheese! 

Now I just need to finish meal planning for the weekend and let all these goodies shine in the kitchen! If you’ve meal planned already, share your recipes with me in the comments! I love getting new ideas that way!



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