Friday Faves + Fit Tip

Happy Friday! We’re doing a whole bunch of nothing for Halloween tomorrow, but looking forward to the usual weekend fun.
I thought “fit tip Friday” would be a fun weekly post, so here’s the first one:

I was so used to 45+ min workouts before I became a mom. I loved spending time at the gym and could pretty much stay there all day if I wanted. I really missed that after Judith was born, and was frustrated with all the interruptions when I tried to get even a 20 minute workout in with her at home. She was upset, I was sweaty and upset (lol), and it just wasn’t fun.

But guess what? I had to get used to it. Sometimes I have to stop and start my workout a bunch of times to feed her or change her diaper or go play in her IKEA tent with her (her new thing is to sit inside it, yelling at me until I crawl in and join her, haha). Sometimes all I can do in one day is TEN MINUTES. The first couple months after Judith was born, I let so many 10 minute workouts go by out of frustration that I couldn’t exercise for a longer chunk of time. Then I realized, I could have exercised for 30-60 more minutes this week, just by taking advantage of 5 or 10 minutes here and there.

Be prepared! Have some 10 minute workouts typed into your phone’s note-taking app, or on a marker board in your house. You never know when you’ll have a chance to get moving! Here are a few ideas:

4 mins cardio, switching exercises every minute on the minute (butt kicks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jog in place, squat jumps, etc)

1 min abs (plank, pike crunches, bicycle crunches, etc)


Tabatas: 20 sec work HARD, 10 sec REST. Repeat 8 times for a 4 min workout and huge metabolism boost. I like to do kettlebell swings and burpees this way.

Compound exercises: pick 5 exercises, perform for 30-45 sec and rest until 1 min is up. Switch exercises for the next minute, and repeat all 5 for a total of 10 mins. So you’re completing 2 rounds of 5 exercises. Try squats with shoulder press, inchworm abs, lunge with lateral raises, push-up to side plank, or deadlift with bicep curl at the top.


Now for some Friday favorites!

15 Ways to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow (most of these are good to do ALL the time, but when we get off track, they’re a great way to feel/look better in a hurry)

Dry brushing + oil lotion before shower to protect from chemicals in water

Chatbooks mystery sale – I’ve blogged about Chatbooks before, and now they’re giving away some big discounts (up to $100)! Use code “TREAT” in the app during checkout (everyone will save at least $3). Good thru 10/31 (tomorrow!)
Glass straws: great for drinking water with essential oils, and making green smoothies look cool in the straw

The Many Medicinal Properties of Food

See ya next week!