On The Favorites List

Happy Monday Tuesday! (I had high hopes of blogging this yesterday, but Judith intervened!)  Hope your weekend was fabulous! Ours was packed with adventures, including a trip to Wild Florida in Kissimmee (pics coming later!).

Today I’ve made a list of things I’m currently loving to share with you (I love when other bloggers do this!) 😊

Rainbow roller bottles are the bomb! Don’t they make you smile?? Now if Judith (the Sticker Removal Queen) takes off the labels on my roller bottle blends, I still have the different colored lids to tell them apart! #momwin


We made a sleepy time blend in the pink/purple roller ball for Judith, since Lavender oil doesn’t work on her (she’s like one in a million, right?! Lavender knocks me out!). I gave her the bottle and she rolled it all over her feet and mouth and legs and hands (her favorite places to apply oils – liberally so we just dilute a lot) and she was asleep within 15-20 minutes! That is SO FAST compared to normal, especially since we put her to bed about an hour earlier than usual (we got up early that day).


Sweet Dreams Baby

5 drops Cedarwood

2 drops invigorating blend

5 drops reassuring blend

3 drops Spearmint

I got these roller bottles at The Root and Petal (they also offer cute tote bags and more!)


• Big floppy hats

I never thought I’d say this, but I love getting clothes and accessories at Costco. Seriously, never thought that would happen. I always thought big box stores carried the ugliest clothing, but I now I keep adding more of their pieces to my closet (like their rain jacket, maxi skirt, and the skorts I wore all the time during pregnancy). They’re just so useful and comfy!

The latest addition is this big floppy hat with UV protection. Judith and I love walking around the neighborhood (stopping to say “Hiii!!!” to every lizard, bird, and neighbor) and there are approximately zero trees large enough to shade over the sidewalk – they’re all too young and short. So if we’re burning up in the heat now, I can only imagine what it’ll be like when the real summer gets here (Spring and Autumn are just extremely warm bookends to a fiery Summer around here…blech).
The Truth About Cancer docu-series is coming back April 12!

TTAC is an online 9-part webinar series that’s free to watch while it’s airing, then you can purchase the DVDs to watch at home. I’ve seen most of the episodes and I’m so excited to watch it again! The episodes include interviews with many medical professionals (some who have cured their own cancer) and practical advice for cancer prevention. This series has saved so many lives already, and it opened my eyes to all the little changes I could make to lower my family’s risk for cancer. The info shared here is invaluable. You can register to watch it free here.

• Get Over Your Fear of Rejection – this short slideshow (with beautiful images!) makes a good point

Coloring with Judith

I used to wait until I got some alone time to color because I didn’t want Judith to destroy my coloring books (I imagined torn-out pages, wild scribbles, and food stains or serious spilled drink damage!), and it was something I used to de-stress. However, I quickly realized that meant I’d never get to color again since alone time is scarce around here. So I started coloring with Judith; we work on the same page together and I just deal with the random scribbles so we both get to enjoy it together. She seriously fell in love with coloring after we started doing that, so it was worth it!

What are some of your favorite activities lately? Comment here to share – you never know who else might enjoy your latest craze too!


Friday Faves + Fit Tip

Happy Friday! We’re doing a whole bunch of nothing for Halloween tomorrow, but looking forward to the usual weekend fun.
I thought “fit tip Friday” would be a fun weekly post, so here’s the first one:

I was so used to 45+ min workouts before I became a mom. I loved spending time at the gym and could pretty much stay there all day if I wanted. I really missed that after Judith was born, and was frustrated with all the interruptions when I tried to get even a 20 minute workout in with her at home. She was upset, I was sweaty and upset (lol), and it just wasn’t fun.

But guess what? I had to get used to it. Sometimes I have to stop and start my workout a bunch of times to feed her or change her diaper or go play in her IKEA tent with her (her new thing is to sit inside it, yelling at me until I crawl in and join her, haha). Sometimes all I can do in one day is TEN MINUTES. The first couple months after Judith was born, I let so many 10 minute workouts go by out of frustration that I couldn’t exercise for a longer chunk of time. Then I realized, I could have exercised for 30-60 more minutes this week, just by taking advantage of 5 or 10 minutes here and there.

Be prepared! Have some 10 minute workouts typed into your phone’s note-taking app, or on a marker board in your house. You never know when you’ll have a chance to get moving! Here are a few ideas:

4 mins cardio, switching exercises every minute on the minute (butt kicks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jog in place, squat jumps, etc)

1 min abs (plank, pike crunches, bicycle crunches, etc)


Tabatas: 20 sec work HARD, 10 sec REST. Repeat 8 times for a 4 min workout and huge metabolism boost. I like to do kettlebell swings and burpees this way.

Compound exercises: pick 5 exercises, perform for 30-45 sec and rest until 1 min is up. Switch exercises for the next minute, and repeat all 5 for a total of 10 mins. So you’re completing 2 rounds of 5 exercises. Try squats with shoulder press, inchworm abs, lunge with lateral raises, push-up to side plank, or deadlift with bicep curl at the top.


Now for some Friday favorites!

15 Ways to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow (most of these are good to do ALL the time, but when we get off track, they’re a great way to feel/look better in a hurry)

Dry brushing + oil lotion before shower to protect from chemicals in water

Chatbooks mystery sale – I’ve blogged about Chatbooks before, and now they’re giving away some big discounts (up to $100)! Use code “TREAT” in the app during checkout (everyone will save at least $3). Good thru 10/31 (tomorrow!)
Glass straws: great for drinking water with essential oils, and making green smoothies look cool in the straw

The Many Medicinal Properties of Food

See ya next week!


Update from Boca Grande/Team Retreat + Friday Faves

Hello and happy Friday! The weekend’s almost here! What do you have planned?

Judith and I returned from our team retreat on the beach last night, and caught up with my in laws who were in town for dinner.

This week on the beach at Boca Grande we really got a chance to rest and renew (especially Judith, who got some really great naps in while momma was attending sessions, lol). It was great to connect with new and old friends.

All day Wednesday was packed with training sessions. It seemed as if the coffeepot never got a break: as we tried to keep up with all the training, we all wanted refills!

Wednesday night we got to check out the grand opening of a fancy hotel, complete with appetizers and dessert. I was totally out of place in my running shorts and t-shirt amidst a sea of Lilly Pulitzer, no big deal 😉


Judith loved the desserts, naturally.

There was a beautiful wood playground next door.

After a quick trip to see the sunset on the beach, we arrived back at the beach house moments before a downpour began. Perfect timing!
Some of my faves this Friday:

^ this is true

How Sweet Eats – beautiful food photography and recipes, and I’m really enjoying her round up posts with links around the web. She shared some great ideas like recipe templates that I’ve never seen before!

Kettlebell leg workout w/cardio – on the way to the gym this morning, Judith fell asleep (naps are scare around here, so we went home to keep her asleep so I could work). This post saved my workout today! (If you don’t have a kettlebell at home yet, why not?!)
Free thru Oct. 13, Influence & Impact Summit for businesses just starting up. Register here

The Power of Face-to-Face Communication in a Digital World

Hootsuite.com and the app (for blogs or businesses using social media to connect with your audience, this app will give you back your LIFE! You’re welcome)

Enjoy the weekend!

❤ Gina

Friday Favorites

Friday’s here again! Yay! Have any fun weekend plans? Here’s a quick post with some of my favorite things right now. Share your Friday favorites in the comments!

Costco’s organic selections


These are one of many organic, heat-and-eat sides available at Costco…they’re lifesavers for nights when Judith is cluster feeding and I barely have time during her breaks to use the restroom, let alone to make dinner!

The Kindle app for iPad

I am SO glad to have this app since I don’t have a Kindle. It’s hard to read a paperback while breastfeeding, especially if I’m using the Boppy pillow (which still requires one hand under baby’s head while feeding, even though it supports baby’s body so one arm is free) or if I’m laying in bed while feeding. This app has made it so easy to read while feeding Judith, and it keeps me from falling asleep during night feedings, but I dim the light so it doesn’t wake Garrett up. Perfect! I think I read Wuthering Heights in 4 days on the Kindle app, and I only read during feedings…that’s how much time I spend feeding Judith, lol!

The Fitnessista’s Baked Breakfast Cookies

I never thought I’d be so busy feeding Judith that I wouldn’t have time to make breakfast…but it happens! All the time, I might add. And I’m usually ravenous in the morning, so that’s a big problem! I’ve been keeping some of these upstairs in my room so I can eat them in the morning while she’s eating too. They’re healthy, delicious, and filling. I need to make another batch since I ran out!

Thrift stores


Getting back to pre-baby size is a gradual thing…so I’m glad there are thrift stores to help my wardrobe keep up with all the sizes in between! Plato’s Closet is one with good brands for low prices (I’ve gotten shorts and tops there for $1-$5 when they have sales!), and in the Tampa area there are several locations.

Watching my little girl wake up


Judith takes a few minutes to wake up in morning. During that time, she stretches, sighs, groans, curls up her arms and legs close to her body, cries, and really fights opening her eyes. It’s so adorable!

7 Common Workout Mistakes

Funny workout tanks

20 Meals for $150 (needs some healthier substitutes for some ingredients, but it’s a good start for food budgeting and meal planning)

Have a great weekend!



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 😀 I hope your day is off to a great start. Here are some things I’m loving lately.

1. How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe — as a new mom who’s short on time, simplicity is the name of the game. Making over my closet like this is verrrry tempting.

2. Revelation Wellness at-home Workouts — can’t wait to try some of these when I get the midwife’s OK to exercise again! I love Rev Wellness’ focus on wholeness in body, soul, and spirit, not just physical fitness.

3. This blend of Lavender, Frankincense, and Myrrh essential oils for reducing stretch marks (which waited to show up until after Judith was born…and they’re already fading!)


4. This hemp protein–adds 15g plant protein to my smoothies and has a very mild flavor so it doesn’t affect the taste.


5. This quote has been on my mind lately. The things we don’t like to do are the things that we need to do if we want to move forward and make a difference in the world, our communities, our families, and ourselves.


6. Banana soft serve and chia pudding. Holy deliciousness! This combo is an old favorite of mine, and I started eating it again this week. Gotta keep this in the weekly breakfast plan, this creamy sweetness is like eating dessert but with so many nutrients! Nad’s Healthy Kitchen and Oh She Glows have great recipe ideas for this combo–there are SO many variations to try! Banana soft serve can be as simple as frozen bananas blended with a splash of almond milk, or additional ingredients can be added, like almond butter, cinnamon, or other frozen fruits (I love adding frozen cherries).


What’s one of your Friday Favorites today?